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Phone Power offers a Fax-Enabled VoiceMail service. This allows your existing Phone Power VoiceMail box to Receive Inbound Faxes. There is no cost for this service.

By enabling this option through your MyAccount portal, your Phone Power service is ready to accept incoming faxes. With this option, there is no need for a second phone number dedicated only for faxing. You can use your primary Phone Power phone number for inbound faxes.

To Receive a Fax

• If you are expecting a fax, your phone will ring as normal.

• Do not answer the phone, instead let the VoiceMail answer the call.

• You will see the fax listed along with your VoiceMail in the MyAccount portal.

If you happen to pick up the phone and hear fax tones, hang up the phone. In many cases, the remote fax machine may wait a couple minutes and resend the fax to you. Once the phone starts to ring again, simply let your VoiceMail answer the call. You may need to contact the sending party and ask them to re-send the fax if their machine does not automatically re-send the fax. The Fax attachment will be in the tiff file format. This is a standard file format for electronic faxing services.

Please refer to Managing Email Notifications For Voicemail/Fax for more information.

Click HERE to watch a video tutorial.

To Fax-Enable your VoiceMail box, please log into the My Account portal.

Alert.png Please note, some accounts do not have this toggle as they have been automatically activated due to a new system.

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• Next to your Phone Power telephone number on the My Account home page, click the Enable link under Fax-Enabled VoiceMail.

• Once that has been located and clicked, a confirmation pop up will be displayed.

Please read the message as you are agreeing to the Terms Of Service.

• Click the I agree button to finish the process. Your VoiceMail box will now be able to accept faxes sent to your Phone Power telephone number.

Note: If your VoiceMail box is full, incoming faxes will not be received.

This feature will only function if your VoiceMail box is enabled on the phone number that you wish to receive Faxes.

For questions or ordering issues, please contact customer service at [email protected]